ECS 200- Self, Social, and Moral Development

Learning about yourself and your body may be one of the most difficult things to do, you are learning how every little thing in your body works and how to cope with it. Self, social, and moral development can be challenging but if you have the right support system it can be a lot easier. This reading was very interesting, I was able to learn new things and refresh myself on things I have learned in the past. Three things that I found interesting from this article include; things like different parenting styles and friend groups effect how a child can act, now I knew that this had some influence on a child but I never really considered how much influence parents and friends actually have. Another thing I found really interesting was that when children were asked to describe a “good teacher” they mentioned that they are good motivators, maintain authority, and have positive relationships, the reason I think I found this so interesting is because I never though young children thought of things like that, I thought that they thought good teachers were the fun almost slack ones but now looking back on my own experience in good, the fun/slack teachers didn’t leave as big as an impact on me as the “good teachers” that were described. One more thing I found interesting was that new students that are different in some way tend to be rejected, I think I found this so interesting because I grew up in a small town where there wasn’t much bullying and when a new student joined the class we all did our best to make them feel welcomed and included no matter what they looked like or where they came from. Some connections a made were to the part about physical development and the importance of play. I am majoring in physical education and minoring in health so physical development is something I really need to focus on when I am teaching, also play is more important than people would think, it helps children develop in all aspects and what people don’t know is that play can help with a lifetime of physical activity. And finally, one question I have is how can we help make a positive influence on our students who are affected by negative media? This concludes this week’s blog, enjoy!

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