ECS 200- Social Cognitive Views of Learning and Motivation

The reading this week has really valuable information and points to help with our future teaching careers. One thing I found very interesting was that when they compared the two methods for teaching subtraction, the group of students that observed another group of students learning the material scored higher marks than the students who learned by watching the teacher demonstration. Self-esteem and self-efficacy are two completely different things. Self-esteem has to do with judgments of self-worth while self-efficacy refers to the knowledge of one’s ability. And finally observing different situations and effect our emotional reactions, the example used in the textbook was that many people are scared to swim in the ocean because of news reports about shark attacks. Two connections I was able to make include, self-efficacy, I feel I have lots of confidence in myself and when I get something thrown at me I am determined to do it. I hope to be like that in the classroom, I want to be strong and show my students that no matter what life throws at you, you can always overcome it. I think I want to be like that because I had some teachers in school that were like that and those teachers are the ones that inspired me to be a teacher myself. My second connection is learning by observing others, I have a connection to this because growing up I had great role models, whether it was my parents, teachers, or coaches, they were all awesome and by watching and learning from them, I know how to respectfully treat others, how to handles tough situations, and so on. And lastly my question from this reading is, if we have a student that struggles with self-regulated learning, what can we do to make learning/studying just as easy for them?

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