ECS 200- Diverse Perspectives on Learning

I have never really taken the time to reflect on how modern-day education systems are focused on basically one main perspective. I really enjoyed both the articles, they really brought to my attention ways of learning that I have never heard of before and what we can do as teachers to be more open to new ways of learning. Three things I learned and found interesting were, spirits guide our learning and the learning spirit offer us guidance, inspiration, and unrealized potential. I think I found this so interesting because we never learned about this in high school and I never really thought about how indigenous view education. The 2ndthing I found interesting is for indigenous people in Canada they have the worst educational systems created in Canada, the worst conditions, most unemployment, lowest incomes, and poorest health. Reading this really made me upset and made me realize how many things that I take for granted and I just want to make life better for these people and I hope I can when I am in the classroom one day. The third and final thing I found interesting was learning about reconceptualist, I have never heard of this term before and now I know that their work is concerned with revealing circumstances in which power and privilege are created for some people while other people are disqualified and/or judged.  Two connections/ things I knew include, more and more educators are questioning different perspectives and are trying to incorporate different cultures into learning, in high school I had some teachers that brought in elders from Kinistin to share their knowledge and perspectives with us. Another connection I made is, in the first article it mentions lower graduation rates among indigenous students, I have noticed that every year more and more indigenous students are graduating from the high school I went to (Tisdale) and I am so thankful that something is being done and students are realizing their potential. And to conclude, one question I have is, what are somethings that we as teachers can do to make learning more diverse and open for everyone?

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