ECS 200- Social-Historical Constructions of Schooling

Personally, I have never really taken the time to sit back and think about the history of our education system in Canada and how it came to be. After this reading, three main things I learned were, the First Nations People had an informal education system more than 15 centuries ago. This included learning survival skills such as hunting, trapping, cooking, etc. After years of this informal system created by the First Nations People, the earliest formal schooling system in Canada was established by missionaries and religious orders. Our education system in today’s society is mainly based on this formal education system but everyday more and more students are getting educated about the First Nations People and what they practiced. The last thing I learned was that after World War II, more classes and subjects were offered in schools, enrollment rates went way up, classrooms were better equipped, there were better qualified teachers, and the curriculum was more diverse. Some connections I made to myself and my learning included, Residential Schools and the addition of new subject’s post WWII. I have first stared learning about Residential Schools in grade 9 and I am still learning about the topic today in various university classes, because of this, I feel I have a lot of knowledge on the topic. The second connection I made was that after WWII new subjects were added to the curriculum, I have a connection to this because I do not plan on teaching traditional subjects like math or English, I plan on teaching physical education and health, and since I am I female teaching these subjects I can also relate to the new diverse education system. One question I have for this reading is, how can we educate people on the history of our education system and how it came to be.

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