ECS 200- Constructions of Authority in Schooling

Leadership is a very important quality for all teachers. The reading this week covered different types of leaders and gave tips on how to better our leadership skills. Three things that I learned/found interesting from this week’s reading include, that teachers often face an internal conflict when it comes to their students. On one hand, they want them to succeed and do well in the class but on the other hand, they do not want to be too easy on them and have them not learn anything important from the class. Also, teachers can also face an uncertainty when it comes to their teaching and whether or not they are personally succeeding. They are constantly wondering whether or not their teaching is leaving not only a short-term impact on their students, but also a long-term impact on their development. The last thing I learned/found interesting is the difference between formal and informal teachers. Formal teacher leaders fill roles such as department chair, master teacher, or instructional coach. Formal teacher leaders play vital roles in most schools. In many cases, these teacher leaders manage curriculum projects, facilitate teacher study groups, provide workshops, and order materials. Informal teacher leaders emerge spontaneously and organically from the teacher ranks. Instead of being selected, they take the initiative to address a problem or institute a new program. Two connections I made to this reading include, employment equity and working conditions. I connected so much to employment equity because I am majoring in a male dominated subject which is phys. ed, and my whole life I have been less than because of my gender and I hope that more and more females take on the challenge of working in male dominated areas. The second connection is working conditions, I connected to this because in high school all of my classes were fairly big except my physics 30 class. This effected the working conditions because it seemed that the teacher just did not care, we had such a small class and he seemed to be slacking more than the students so that really effected our learning. One question I have after this reading is how can we ensure that as teachers, we are being positive role models and leaders?

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