ECS 200- Constructing Teacher Identity

The three things I learned from the week 12 reading include. Out of the three meanings of a profession that were given, one really stuck out to me, “A profession possesses a unique body of knowledge that is obtained by its members over a long period of formal training. Professionals are continually adding to this knowledge throughout their careers.” The second thing I learned from this reading was that self-regulated teaching was never really the teacher’s responsibility. I always thought teachers had more freedom then they actually do, with that being said, lately teachers have been given more chances for some self-regulation. I also learned that teachers are constantly being judged based on their looks, whether they have tattoos, unusual hair colours, piercings, clothing, etc. Some future teachers are unable to express themselves through their appearance in fear that they will not get hired. In today’s society, more people are comfortable with and are open to professionals with tattoos, unusual hair, and so on. During this reading I connected with/knew two things, the code of ethics and teachers private lives. I connected to the codes of ethics because last year in ECS 100, my group did our final presentation on the professional code of ethics. Because of this, I am very familiar with the codes of ethics and understand them fairly well. My second connection was teachers and their private lives. I always knew that teachers had to keep their private lives on the down low, but when coming from a small town, that may be hard to do. I have seen some of my teachers out and about at things like golf and curling nights and they always remain professional which really shows what our high school and their staff is like. Finally, one question I have after this reading is, how can we deal with parents/guardians that may complain about our appearance as educators?

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  1. I’m an up and coming teacher and I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work! I can see your intelligence in the way you express yourself!


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