ECS 210- Learning from Place


  • Reinhabitation involves forming a connection to the land and appropriately using its resources. This idea has been passed down from generation to generation for years and in the article, the importance of the elders passing down knowledge to the youth is very clear. Forming a solid relationship with the land gives people a chance to appreciate everything the land has done for them and unfortunately as time goes on, youth are losing the connection and not appreciating the land as much as they should be. This is why reinhabitation is so important, it creates bonds with the land and with other people.


  • By sharing stories and knowledge, the youth learn new things and the elders get to teach and relive things that they may have forgotten. Doing this forms a relationship between the youth and elders but also gets knowledge flowing between everyone giving the youth an opportunity to take what they learned from the elders and share that information with others. It gives the youth a chance to really appreciate the land and the stories that are involved. 

How might you adapt these ideas/consider place in your own subject areas and teaching?

  • I am a firm believer of place-based education and using the environment/community to help teach. As a phys. ed major, it will be fairly easy for me to incorporate the environment into my lessons, going on nature walks and just taking the class outside to do lessons give both the students and teacher a chance to experience and connect with the land. I can also incorporate indigenous games and dance into my lessons, I just recently learned the basics of Hoop Dancing and will definitely take what I learned into my future classrooms. Also, as a health minor, I can bring in a guest speaker to teach my students about traditional/herbal medicines. I can also incorporate the medicine wheel into my health classes. There are so many ways to incorporate indigenous teachings into any class, and sometimes we do it without even knowing it.

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