ECS 210- Treaty Education

What does the phrase “We are all treaty people” mean to you? To me it means constantly educating ourselves and others about indigenous culture and respecting the land that we are living on. A large population of Canadians live on treaty land (mainly in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) therefore we are all technically treaty people as we occupy the treaty land. Since we occupy the land, we must also respect it and prove that we are in fact “all treaty people”. Reflecting and sharing stories about the past helps to give us a greater understanding about the history of our country and gives us a deeper connection to it, school is a great place to pass on knowledge about treaties and indigenous history.

As teachers we have the responsibility of passing along this idea to every single one of our students regardless of whether they are indigenous or not, unfortunately there are some teachers out there that do not share this belief. Not only is Treaty Ed focused on educating students about First Nations, Metis, and Inuit cultures but also about reconnecting with the land. An awesome resource for learning about the importance of Treaty Ed. and how to incorporate it into the everyday classroom is Claire Kreuger’s blog. The blog showcases just how easy it is to use Treaty Ed in everyday classrooms, and the importance of it.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are very bull-headed and are often not open to change. Because of this, Treaty Ed is seen as less important and is often left out. There is evidence out there supporting the importance of Treaty Ed, we just need to utilize it. As time goes on, Treaty Ed is become more prominent in classrooms and students/teachers are becoming aware of the fact that we are all treaty people and are starting to understand the importance of that statement.

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