ECS 210- Curriculum Development

“Curriculum is defined as an official statement of what students are expected to know and be able to do” (Levin, pg. 8), but who exactly develops the curriculum? In the article “Curriculum Policy and the Politics of What Should be Learned in School” by Ben Levin, it is made aware that politics plays a huge part in the development of a curriculum. Politics affect pretty much everything in our society, especially education. Every educational decision can be viewed as a political decision and this includes curriculum development: Politian’s bring up various things that they believe should be taught, then there is a discussion, then the curriculum starts becoming developed with very little say from the public. This concerns me because creating a curriculum is a huge job and the government should be taking suggestions from more than just Politian’s.

After reading the Treaty Education document, I realized that again, there is not much public input. The first few pages of the document list everyone that helped to create it, all the people listed are professionals in the education field or are involved in politics. While there is nothing wrong with this, there is still no suggestions are input from the public. I feel that creating this document must have very difficult because Treaty Education is such a huge and important topic and separating everything into various outcomes and indicators would be very stressful. This document is a great starting point for teaching Treaty Education but I also feel that it could go much deeper.

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