ECS 210- The Problem of Common Sense

In the reading “The Problem of Common Sense” by Kumashiro, common sense within schools is described as following a consistent routine all day everyday from September to June. The consistent routine involves the four “core disciplines” (social studies, ELA, science, and math) and some electives (languages, phys. ed, arts, etc.) This routine is seen as normal for most schools, especially in North America, and it is just ‘common sense’ to follow and teach in this way. Also, common sense can refer to things such as indoor/outdoor shoes and access to technology. These are seen as common sense in schools but some students cannot afford to have more than one pair of shoes or they may not have technology.

It is so important to pay attention to this ‘common sense’ within schools so we as teachers can try to break away from the ‘common sense’ routine and make classes more fun and entertaining for all students. Some students learn best by following a consistent routine but others may need special attention. Also, going back to the example of some students not being able to have access to technology, teachers need to be aware of this when assigning homework.

There is just so many things to pay attention to while teaching but the ‘common sense’ things we see in school are very important. Schools should be a safe environment for everyone and sometimes breaking ‘common sense’ rules is for the best.

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