ECS 200- Cognitive Development and Risk & Resilience

Cognitive development is often something people do not really take the time to think about but it is probably the most influential thing happening to us from birth to death. This week’s reading on cognitive development was packed full of interesting information but the three things I found most interesting were, Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, a person’s sensitive periods, and nature vs. nurture. I remember learning about these three things in high school but I am glad that I am able to get a deeper understating to these topics. Two connections I made include, the reading about the brain and its various sections and what each area of the brain controls, since I am a kin/ed student I took human anatomy last semester and I found the anatomy of the brain the most interesting. Another connection is, along with my physical development in sports, my cognitive development really helped me gain confidence in what I was doing and before every big task in my life whether it is a sporting event or a test I take the time to mentally de-stress. And finally, one thing I would like to learn more about is brain based education to get a deeper understanding of what exactly it is.

The combination of the text book reading and the article is enough to make anyone sit back and really think. There were so many interesting facts in these readings but three I found the most interesting include, the clear message behind the children’s story showcased in the article, inequality impacts opportunity. Two more things I found interesting were, often children with positive attitudes are more resilient, and as teachers we have the ability to help students become for resilient. Two things I connected to include, page 216 in the text they talk about relationships, I was kind of a shy kid when I moved in grade 3 but as I grew so did my relationships with my peers in school and with everyone and everything in the town therefore shaping me into the person I am today, another connection is diversity in learning, during my time as a figure skating coach I had to work with so many different children who all had different needs and different skill levels and I had to coach in a way where no one felt left behind or rushed, I had to have patience and had to be caring and I really hope my coach left an impact on those students life’s to help them become more confident and resilient. One question that I have after all of this is, how does the way we are raised/the privileges we have affect our grit/resilience?

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